The Four-Month Life Leadership Program

This is for you if you want to elevate your existing leadership roles, ground into your greatness, give your ideas the boost they deserve, and learn more about yourself along the way.

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Confident, connected coaching to feel at home wherever you are and bring leadership to your vision. 

You have secret dreams in your heart. Maybe they haven’t made sense yet but there are great reasons you’re still thinking about them. Let’s find out.

It’s time to embrace your wildest, most audacious dreams, and turn them into reality. 

The 4-month Life Leadership Program will guide you through the essential phases of exploring your dreams, expanding what’s possible, and allowing your life, partnerships & projects to flourish.

What To Expect:

PHASE 1: Awareness & Choice

Let’s Play: Safely and courageously explore whats’ been keeping you safe and lean into some new ways of being. Together we can expand the range of what you allow yourself to want. Find the perfect tools and practices for YOU to live with non-judgemental, humor-filled self-awareness.

Let’s Explore: Connect with the values that make you and your life unique.

How will you choose to share your values and passion in this new, expanded vision of your life, business, and partnerships?

PHASE 2: Diving Deeper 
PHASE 3: Deliver the Vision 

Let’s get to work: In phase 3 we work together to create a realistic plan to grow your project and gather the team you need to make it happen. Deepen your real-life engagement with the tools & practices we’ve learned together to support your dreams as they come to life.

Dig in: There are many ways to lead; use your own real-time experiences of leadership and interpersonal communication to reveal which ways of leading are most authentic and helpful for you. With support, you will fully embody this uniquely powerful, creative entrepreneur with confidence & courage.

PHASE 4: Learn Your Leadership      

What's Included:

12 Private Coaching Sessions (3 sessions per month)

Personalized Guidance on Choosing 4 external Embodiment Practices Per Month

2 Group Sessions to deepen your learning and allow you to meet others on the journey.
Network, chat, & learn.

Virtual Voxer Coaching (available after week 3) to support you during pivotal moments of growth.

Customized reading plan and embodiment practices including but not limited to podcasts, books, etc.

Opportunity for ongoing, customized support.

"Lisa is an incredibly talented coach who is insightful and intuitive. She made sure I found myself in deep thought and added some humor at the right time. I truly looked forward to our sessions and she helped me see myself in a whole new way."

— Heather Siskind CEO Jack & Jill Children’s Center

“Working with Lisa Bayer has been meaningful and practical for me. She’s helped me to get past my own roadblocks and then begin to learn, where my own sweet spot is, between effort and surrender. I’m back on track and feeling connected after our coaching sessions. And that makes all the difference!"

—  Rosh, CEO The Blind Cafe Social Impact In The Dark Experience 

"A personal life coach is the ultimate form of self-care. Lisa is incredibly insiteful and gives me various exercises that have tangibly improved my presence within myself and the world. If you want to feel what its like to have someone read your mind and take it to the next level please contact her. She is a very different kind of coach."

—  Liz, author, scientist, truck driver

"Lisa is an amazing coach! I find her work to be profoundly knowledgeable and intuitive. She helps me orient back into my wisdom and knowing at levels that are often hard to achieve on my own. She truly knows the meaning of support and presence. Thank you Lisa, you are an invaluable part of my team!"

—  Aimee Freeman, somatic wellness practitioner, business owner

"Lisa has an intuitive gift for finding new possibilities in the way I think about past wounds, helping me to connect to the self I have always wanted and always deserved to be. She listens to everything I say, even the errant thoughts or gestures I would overlook, and finds deep meaning and the possibility of healing in them. I come out of a session with Lisa with a definite plan of action to ground the transformation I experienced. I am more authentically myself because of Lisa."

—  Marcus Mattern, entrepreneur, philosopher, magical experience facilitator

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Your amazingness has waited long enough. Let it out. 

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